CLEVER / OFFICE CULTURE > An overview of office life at Clever, a tech company made up of former educators, teachers, and tech professionals - dedicated to creating products for school administrators all the way down to kindergarteners. Gorgeous work space and clever folks.

JAMES HALL / PUMPKIN CARVER >   Vignette on the artist for Diablo Magazine.

LADIES OF THE LAKE / DIABLO MAGAZINE > "Calling all senior women! Let's meet at Lake Merritt at 7:30 AM on Wednesday, get on the water and start rowing." The Ladies of the Lake is a 100 year old institution wherein a group of about 40 women meet every Wednesday to get in boats and row across this urban lake for exercise, pleasure, and social stimulation. Witty, full of energy and a zest for life, they put younger folk to shame (not on purpose). Film made for Diablo Magazine.