set design

SHADOW OF MORDOR / When ugly talent steals the show.

Campaigns are typically populated with models ranking fairly high on the cuteness scale.  So when I got the assignment to shoot an orc from Lord of the Rings, I was delighted to work with talent who had a heart of gold - and the twisted face of a dangerous pig.

The PR campaign announced the upcoming release of a deliciously intense interactive video game, “Shadow of Mordor”.  The campaign had an orc take over the video game’s Twitter feed, unleashing over-the-top, hostile hashtags and playfully “corrupting” various products, including Snickers, Monster Energy Drink, Game of Thrones and others.

Shout-out to Monster Energy Drink

Shout-out to Burger King

Shout-out to Adrianne Curry

Shout-out to Game of Thrones

Orcs may not play well together, but to pull off this signature shoot, we needed some serious team effort. Everything from prop and set design to special effects makeup, and a complex lighting scheme had to look and smell hand-delivered from Mordor.  No problem. When there’s a hungry orc in the room, you’d deliver, too.

Jared endured the makeup application for 3 1/2 hours.

One hour into it.

Watching re-runs of Bowling for Dollars.

The whole damn team.  I'm on the far right - about to reach in for another exposure.

Client:  Edelman Digital
Creative Director:  Robert Sinclair
Prop & Set Styling:  Christina Kretschmer (represented by Artists Untied)
Special Effects Makeup:  Trista Metz
Orc:  Jared Degado
Assistants:  Martin Herbst and Jeff Harmon

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