food photography

Eating Things

I have a confession to make:  I like eating.  Not in an unhealthy way.  Eating just brings me pleasure.  I like seeing other people eat.  Not only because it socially and spiritually binds us all together – but because it’s animal, and funny, and fun, and it’s not perfect. It’s especially disappointing to me that “conventional advertising wisdom” says that if we show people eating, it needs to be overly styled and overly precious.  I’ve got news, eating is not for the damn dainty!

Henceforth, I set out to have people eat and play with food.  I have also set out to find additional grammatical circumstances where I can again use the word henceforth. 

The seed of this idea came from reading (and watching) Lord of The Rings.  Food is on the mind of Hobbits all the time.  They have 2nd breakfasts, “eleven-zes” (small meals at around 11:00 AM), and enjoy poppy seed cakes with beer, pork and wine.  In particular though, there was a scene in Peter Jackson’s adaptation (in Return of The King) when Lord Denethor is in his huge marble hall with little Pippin, and he’s got a silver platter full of fruit and meats.  He’s in a particularly shitty mood, for he has recently learned his favorite son (Boramir) has been killed.  Anyway, he’s eating ravenously and sloppily, out of his pain.  Jackson gets these close ups of Denethor’s lips and teeth as he bites overly ripe tomatoes – juices spurt and drip down his nervous and sad chin.  That is a slice of real living.

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