Fake nails. Phat rockers.

Here's my new campaign for Tiptonics - hi-tech fingernails for people who play stringed instruments.  Musicians just slip these snug little techno-nails over their own nails and dive into the music.

To show the product, I had to illustrate how amazing it feels when you put these things on and really connect with your instrument. I shot 12 phenomenal San Francisco musicians playing everything from AC/DC to New Age harp to Hawaiian Tiki jive. 

As a photographer, I learn something new every time I shoot.  On this production I came to the realization that I literally need to become a performer.  To bring the most out of your talent you need to expose in yourself what you desire from your subject.   The order of this particular day:  energetic bursts of child-like antics.

The tips - like little mittens that fit on your nails.

One of the joys of my job is pushing people beyond their comfort zones – and then having them thank me for it later. It’s a fun day of work when you can get a harpist go hardcore and thrash her legs like some dude from an 80s hair band.

I'm in it.

Tiptonic founder and inventor, Jack West.

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