Senior Theater Company

Stagebridge - Counter Attack!

Marlene, an aging waitress, is discovering that her lifelong position at the counter is suddenly under attack.  It’s being threatened by none other than. . . the young hot waitress.  Old fashioned diners may not change their menus that often, but you’d be surprised to discover what really goes on behind the counter.  Yeah.  What was the weirdest risk you ever took to land (or keep) your job?

This February, senior theatre company STAGEBRIDGE presents the world premiere of “Counter Attack!” at The Ashby Stage in Berkeley.  I was delighted to have been asked to shoot all the promotional images for the production!  It was hard to choose what to share here.  There were so many winners from the session.  That Joan Mankin (who plays Marlene in the play) can turn it on, man.  (Did she not appreciate it when, after one frame, I told her, “You looked like Keith Richards in that shot!”?)  Special thanks to MaMa’s Royal Café in Oakland for the location.

The play was written by Joan Holden and is being directed by Sharon Lockwood.  Stagebridge is the oldest – and most innovative – senior theatre company.  Since 1978, they have grown from an acting class for five women in their 70’s to a nationally recognized performing arts and outreach program that is changing how people experience and view aging.  Stagebridge offers 50 different classes, regularly visit schools with at-risk students and share their personal stories, use improv and other acting techniques to train professionals who work with the elderly, and bring musical performances and workshops to thousands of elders in residential facilities, hospice care, Alzheimer’s facilities, adult day care and senior centers.

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