Pixar Animation Studios

"Brave" / Pixar / Director, Mark Andrews

We all know about Casual Friday’s at the workplace.  Well, throughout the production and release of “Brave”, Pixar Animation Studios has been enjoying “Kilt Fridays”.  “Brave” director Mark Andrews instituted this practice as a kind of morale booster for the company.  (The new Pixar production is set in 10th century Scotland.)  I was thrilled to discover that Andrews also has a sword collection in his office, and will sometimes walk around the Emeryville campus with one of these splendid weapons.

"Brave" Director, Mark Andrews

Shot for Oakland Magazine, I had the privilege of spending an hour with him at Pixar.  Five feet to my right (his left) were two of his little sons who found his behavior and facial expressions hilarious.  “Just another day at work, kids,” he said.

I don’t often do this de-saturated treatment, but I couldn’t resist:  The metal, the angst, the castle-like environs, the hair!

Art Director:  Debbi Murzyn
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