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Cub Scouts > Pinewood Derby (Personal work)

My son is a Cub Scout.  And he likes building stuff - especially a Pinewood Derby car.  The Pinewood Derby has been an exciting and classic tradition for generations across America.  It's the Cub Scout's biggest event each year.  The kids build these primitive racing machines (with a little help from their parents and Cub Masters) from scratch:  Designing, cutting, installing wheels / axles, and painting / decorating.  Then over the course of one long evening the racing competition takes place.  Digital timers measure finishing times up to the 1/100 of a second.  There ends up being one victor out of the 150 cars, but other awards are given, too - like for the most unique design - which went to my dude.

Scrappy, Black & White, grainy, reportage-y, no stikin' tripod!

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