My first "Photograph" ever.

Over a recent dinner with “some creative peoples” (hi, Dana, Josh and Karen) we discussed how we each “got into this whole creative / art thing”.   When the talking stick was passed to me, I was asked “how I got into this whole photography thing”.  “Well, I’ll tell ya,” I proceeded. 

In 1982, I’d been mildly interested in photography for a year or so – borrowing my dad’s Nikkormat and loading it with Kodachrome - but of course.  Together, we used to go to this incredible arboretum in. . . (was it Alta Dena – near Pasadena, Dad?) and take macro shots of exotic flowers and crazy leaves on rare trees. 

It wasn’t for another year or two that I made a “photograph” that changed me.  (What if I stopped here and never finished the story?  That would be a kind of annoying performance art, wouldn’t it?)  It was then that I went on a river rafting trip with my family on the Rogue River in Oregon.  On each of the 4 nights along the heavily wooded river, we’d stay in a different rustic cabin.  And at the start of each day I’d take my dad’s Nikkormat out into the misty, dripping morning - after a night of typical Oregonian rain.

My first "Photograph".

Walking up a gentle slope of a narrow path between prickly blackberry bushes I came across an old barbed wire fence.  The sky beyond was bright from fog, and the ground below was saturated with water and mud.  There was one drop of water hanging on the rusted wire.  I knelt down and took this shot.  This was the beginning.  I “saw it” on the proof sheet long before the film was even developed.

Who ever knew one day that I’d be doing a session with Thievery Corporation, or Cheap Trick, or telling a food stylist to “make the grill marks significantly more pronounced on that steak”?

I thought it might be intriguing (for myself) to check out a few other shots from that roll, for no other reason than to see what else my eye might have been doing then – for better or worse, or indifferent or boring, or just good ‘ol nostolgia.  (It was fun to explore this roll.  I honestly didn't remember any other images here other than "the one".  Hope this isn't a chore to look at. . . .)  As always, click images to enlarge.

The cabin my sister, cousins and I slept in.  No problem that the generator turns the lights off at 10:00 P.M.  (Unless of course a bat flies in the front door at 9:59 and there's no time to get it back out - like on this evening.)

The mighty Rogue and my suburban family.

My sister and mom pose in the first sunshine in 4 days.  Other family members pretend to look busy.  (Like my dad wayyyyy in the back with the white stripe down his sleeve.)

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