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Mitch Gets Stuck on Band-Aids

Parents use Band-Aids to help heal their kid's boo-boos.  Kids use Band-Aids for boo-boos, but also for fun.  This idea that Band-Aids can be fun has only been amplified one hundred-fold since the brand partnered with kid's movie characters like Star Wars, Frozen, The Muppets, etc.  As a personal photographic exploration into the world of Band-Aids, the story I wanted to tell was this fun and creative relationship children have with the product.  It's the kid's perspective on the brand, as opposed to the parent's POV.  Very special thanks to the kiddos and your folks for the time and energy - and your houses . . .

Some trivia!!!  Band-Aids were invented by Earle Dickson, who was a cotton buyer for Johnson & Johnson back in 1920.  He improvised a crude version of a Band-Aid for his wife who had just cut herself accidentally while preparing dinner:  a piece of adhesive tape, a small square-shaped piece of cotton, and a layer of crinoline on top.  Why didn't I think of that?

Felix and mom.

Felix and mom.

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