Celebrity Photographer

Janet Lewin / Star Wars / Boston University


Janet Lewin is the Visual Effects Producer for Lucasfilm's Star Wars films.  I photographed her for her alma mater's magazine - Boston University's COM Talk.  Janet was gracious, enthusiastic and generous with her time for our production while she was in lock-down mode - finishing her production on Star Wars:  The Last Jedi.  But for me the highlight was watching that little BB-8 robot operate (roll) with "his" technician at the helm - remote in hand.  "How do you do that?" I asked the technician.  His reply, "Ask him".  So I asked BB-8, and he explained it to me in beeps and flashes - which I didn't understand.  / Art Director:  Janice Checchio (Thanks, Janice!)


Shot on location at The Letterman Digital & New Media Arts Center (Lucasfilm's headquarters) in San Francisco.