Bun E. Carlos

Cheap Trick / From the archive!

I just realized I’ve never properly shared these images of Cheap Trick.  So from my scanner to your naked steaming eyes – enjoy.

This was a shoot for Guitar World Magazine in the mid-90's – at a time when I pretty much concepted and executed anything to my liking.  In this case, I wanted to show Cheap Trick as charactertures as if they were on a deck of Pop-Rock playing cards.  No Photoshop.  I brought mirrored mylar material and shot their reflections like it was a funhouse mirror. Robin, Rick, Bun E. and Tom loved it.  (The Bun E. Carlos one is my favorite.)  Click on images to enlarge.

Bun E. Carlos

Rick Nielson

Robin Zander

Tom Peterson

I piggybacked on a music video shoot they were doing.  A distinct memory of the day was when the film crew was having a problem with focus during a solo shot of Rick Nielsen.  Since it was the video crew’s turn with the band, I was just hanging out right behind the cinematographer and camera to the right, while 5 feet away from me on the left side was Robin Zander, himself.  We made eye contact and I jokingly leaned over toward the front of the film camera and pretended to be working on the focus, squinting my eyes and twisting my wrist.  He laughed and then did the same – leaning forward, squinting and pretending to focus.  We went back and forth doing this about 3 times.  Pretty fun and silly moment.  That was kinda it.  Robin and Mitch:  like brothers.

Tech note:  Kodak EPP processed is C-41.  Good ‘ol cross-processing.

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