Zephyr Real Estate

For more than 30 years, Zephyr has been one of the most respected real estate firms in San Francisco. They're the most successful independent real estate firm serving the city - with over one billion dollars in gross sales annually. (Good Lord!) Bill Drypolcher is the owner and founder. Jet lagged but jolly, Bill got some work done as I did mine. This was an assignment for California Association of Realtors Magazine - art directed by the lovey Nancy Duckworth. (Click to enlarge.)

I'll just say it: I love taking over someone's office - and a good portion of their business entryway, as well as the real estate of their sidewalk. I love the look on a receptionist's face as my assistants tape thick cables to the floor. I enjoy eating more than my fair share of butterscotch candies from the bowl in the lobby. But most of all, it tickles me to ask CEO's, "Is it okay if we remove this artwork from the wall?" as we're removing it.

The only thing I didn't particularly care for in this case was the color of the wall. "Bill, can we repaint the walls yellow"? Below are a few raw images before we painted the wall, etc.

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