The Devilettes in the bakery.

San Francisco's own, "The Devilettes" are a lost breed - but we just found them, I guess.  These good 'ol American ladies are masters of historical dances from the hey-day of 1960's Go Go, including (but not limited to) the Hully Gully, the Jamaican Ska, The Frug, and The Watusi.  Performing regularly in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Los Angeles, they've been featured in Deutsches Glamour (Glamour Magazine's German edition), GQ-Spain, The UTNE Reader, The Spectator and . . . the list goes on.  

We took two days and collaborated - covering a number of locations and themes.  The first day we shot in a local bakery, where the 12x12 square foot retail space served as both a staging area for the photography gear, as well as a green room for the 14 women to be made up, as well as a shooting space, as well as a place to set up a makeshift coat rack for their raincoats (it was raining that day).  No problem.

And a few behind the scenes goodies. . .

"The Teacher's Pet"

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