The Devilettes

San Francisco's own, "The Devilettes" are a lost breed - but we just found them, I guess.  These good 'ol American ladies are masters of historical dances from the hey-day of 1960's Go Go, including (but not limited to) the Hully Gully, the Jamaican Ska, The Frug, and The Watusi.  Performing regularly in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Los Angeles, they've been featured in Deutsches Glamour (Glamour Magazine's German edition), GQ-Spain, The UTNE Reader, The Spectator and . . . the list goes on. 

I stumbled upon them one day while being a good citizen and taking public transportation in the Bay Area.  We've been best friends ever since.  (Photoshop is still a very close friend of mine, though.)  Actually that’s not true.  I perform in a Hawaiian / Exotica band called, APE (guitarist) – and we’ve played with this troupe on numerous occasions. 

We took two days and collaborated - covering a number of locations and themes.  The BART (subway) scene was shot separately and the women were dropped in (duh).  We had one day shooting in the studio to get those shots.   And the other day . . . . I’m tempted to tell you what else we did – but my plan is to release more of the images throughout the course of 2011.  You’ll just have to wait!   It took soooooo much work to squeeze some lively energy from the troupe - not.   Many of these images will be commercially available via Masterfile Stock.

The photographer with Baby Doe and Kiki (my heroes). 

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