The Blue Lady

Every Saturday I take my 4 year-old boy to his swimming lesson at the local community swimming pool. It's an indoor body of water with divine natural light. Being fairly crowded most of the time, the pool is divided into numerous sections: A section for the little kids (complete with mobile underwater elevated platforms to ensure their safely), an area for expert fast-swimming fishes, and a designated lane for (and I'm very serious) "THE BLUE LADIES".

The remarkable thing about this lane is that a family of blue ladies (such as the one pictured) live there, not unlike gators in a bayou. They're not very dangerous, and the children (if they have a good lesson) are permitted to feed the blue ladies small pieces of brisket and ham. There's a vending machine in the building that doles out such snacks - resembling gumball machines - but containing these meats. Please let me know (by leaving a comment here) how long you think the meats stay fresh in the machines at room temp.

And here's my little fella. (Now bar-coded as an asset and sold through Getty Images.)

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