Pandora Internet Radio, Tim Westergren

Familiar with Pandora Internet Radio? Probably, right? Remember FM / AM radio? Well, Pandora is pretty much on the road to taking its place. In a nutshell (do I really need to explain this) Pandora is "listener" based internet radio. One enters into their computer (and now through Pandora's App on the iPhone) songs, artists, detailed musical characteristics and preferences, etc. The service then plays and suggests music based on your input. If you like what you hear, you click the "thumbs up" icon. If you think the song is a stinker, click the "thumbs down" icon. The information is then processed and reflected in Pandora's future selections on your "radio station".

Founder, Tim Westergren and company recently announced a deal with Ford, wherein Pandora will be included in its voice-activated Sync system. Sonos, Vizio and Samsung are also now proud homes of this service via their Blu-ray players.

But who's this guy in the T-Shirt? Shouldn't he be some fat, bloated bastard wearing a suit that smells like mothballs? Not Tim. He's been wearing this same T-Shirt for years. More like a pal, and less like a media mogul, he made the shoot a breeze. Based in Oakland, I photographed him for the magazine that shares the city's namesake.

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