Jelly Belly: Creating an advertisement while everyone is high on sugar.

"Alright, I'm just going to have 5 more - and that is it," uttered everyone on set several times during the day.  Forget about the effects of too much sugar in the bloodstream - we were all (crew, kids, and me included) nibbling away at the props as well.  Have you ever nibbled props?  Even Susan and Eric from Nice Advertising were nibbling props.  It was very fortunate that my superhero (and well prepared) assistant, Liz brought smelling salts to awaken Susan (designer) from her root-beer flavored coma.  Here's our group portrait at the end of the day.  (Yeah, that's Susan on the far right - just next to me.) 

In a buttered popcorn and watermelon haze, I documented two 7 year old girls eating and dreaming about Jelly Bellies.  Imagine what kind of day that is for a little girl.  "Okay honey, you don't have to go to school today because you've been chosen out of 50 other girl candidates to eat jelly beans all day in a super cool studio for an advertisement for Jelly Belly - while everyone there tells you how smart and cute you are.  Is that okay?"

Special thanks to Susette Blackwell at real people model agency, Blackwell Files for rounding up the beautiful little people.

I still get Blueberry and Plum confused.

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