Ice Cream Series / 4 Generations, 4,000 Calories

Ice cream is not just for kids.  From teens, to entrepreneurs and elders, we all secretly love getting those tasty, totally-worth-it brain freezes.  At 48 pints per person, per year, Americans consume more ice cream than people in any other country.  For this series, I shot four generations interacting with their guilty pleasure, a caloric free-for-all.

Regardless of age or attitude, each of the talent polished off these cones, lickety split.  For me, diving into this ice cream series converted me into being as much a cultural anthropologist as a photographer.  Here's how each of the four generations responds when you stick a towering waffle cone in their face:

-  Teenagers:  Actively pretend not to care.
-  Little Kids:  Initially skeptical, eventually elated.
-  Business Men:  Elegance sprinkled with subtle grunts.
-  Elders:  Attacked with such passion that I feared for my fingers.

These were all composites:  talent shot in the studio, and placed into the settings . . . Santa Monica apartments, Venice Beach Boardwalk, Embarcadero Center buildings, Stinson Beach.  Waiting for fog to clear in all locations was a thing!!!  (So, I guess I'll have a 5th coffee while I wait . . . )

Outtakes #1

Outtakes #2

Soon to be multi-tasking with waffle cone and iPod.

Liz Chang (right) and Benicia (left) finishing up the "yellow teenager'.

The only time I can get makeup artist, Sherrie Long to look at the camera.

My new friends.

(I'm the fat one in the middle.)  Then we've got stylist Anne Kunisaki in the lower left, assistant Tim Daw back and center, and our resident heavyweight makeup artist Sherrie Long in the lower right.

Lighting test with assistant Tim and a spirited ice cream eater shaking her hair to the Chili Peppers.

I love my crew:

Assistant:  Tim Daw
Assistant (for little kids production):  Hilary Knight
Digital Post Production:  Steven Rivera
Wardrobe & Prop Stylist:  Anne Kunisaki (assisted by Luke McKinley, "the true gentleman")
Wardrobe & Prop Stylist (for little kids production):  Peggi Jeung!
Hair & Makeup for seniors:  Sherrie Long
Hair & Makeup for all others:  Ms. Liz Chang (for Artists by Sherrie Long)
Assistant Makeup & Manicure:  Benicia (for Artists by Sherrie Long)
Talent:  Marla Dell Talent (coordinated by the lovely and solid, Olivia Tehrani)
Kid Wranglers (parents):  JoAnne, Sylvia, Sara, and Megan
Special thanks to the Downtown Oakland Senior Center for the talent and the space.
Advice and conceptual guidance:  Deb Ayerst (my favorite agent), Eric Rindal, Jon Ritt, and the limitless Amy Yvonne Yu
Photographer:  Me . . . without whom all these other souls would have pulled it off for me anyway.  Man, I'm blessed!

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