Photograph by Eric Haines

Mitch Tobias is a San Francisco-based advertising / editorial photographer and director who captures the essence of people with a wink and a smile. “It’s sunshine and lollipops,” says Mitch of his playful and vibrant look. “Life is beautiful. Remember that feeling you had as a kid- both amped up and relaxed? I want my work to help people experience that freedom. Good photography should actually lower your cholesterol levels.” Mitch’s sense of play showed up in recent campaigns for Allstate Insurance, Capital One Bank, Health Mart (McKesson), and McDonald’s.

Each of Mitch’s images is meticulously stylized- every detail tells part of a bigger story. “I’m looking for authenticity in every moment- from the clothing and setting to the subject’s sense of self.” To make sure each element strikes the right note, Mitch works closely with the client to determine their core intentions.  He’s invested in the outcome of those intentions. “Talent authenticity is crucial. When the subjects look like they belong in the world you’ve created, it’s magical.”

At Art Center College of Design, Mitch studied under Art Kane. The legendary photographer’s philosophy continues to influence Mitch’s performance, inspiring him to strive for a visual statement that will impact the viewer long after the image fades. “It’s more than technical knowledge. Yes, you’re combining light, color and geometry, but most of all you’re creating an authentic- if surprising- moment with the subject.”

Specialties:  Vividly fun, stylized lifestyle photographs of humans.